I lost my junk going to church Sunday!


I mean what it is about going to church that brings out the demons in our car?

Can I get an amen?! I was worn smack out before we even got to the parking lot and we had brought a friend with us…double yikes! She got way more than she ever dreamed of on that car ride.

Isn’t it amazing how one kid’s drumming to the beat of the Jesus-music can send another kid into control mode and demand that everyone do and act as they are doing. I mean …what? She’s drumming? Like you son, haven’t ever done anything annoying in the car?

And, when someone is unwilling to look at the ‘log’ in their eye, nothing makes me more nuts. I made it known to everyone in the van on the way to church. They all felt my feelings.


So, we go to church and I quickly realized that I didn’t get it right in the van. But..how? How do you help kids (who are natural born leaders) see that demanding is not the way?

Over the last 24 hours, I have realized that what I must do for kids who are at the ‘age of understanding’ is immediately invite the Holy Spirit into that moment with prayer!

He is the wisdom, He is the truth, He is the understanding and I cannot act like a lunatic. Instead, invite Him into the car, into the process and into the training. Don’t I want my kids to do that? So, I have to model that. You don’t learn that in Sunday School most times, you learn how to live out your faith on the way to church when I simply ask: “Hey Davis, let’s ask Jesus how He sees what is happening right now?”

If that kid asked Jesus every time how He sees a situation and that was his default when things in him are triggered, he will be unstoppable. His leadership ability now coupled with the counsel of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit who leads us with loving kindness into repentance. Amazing!

My kids and yours are growing at rates of speed that rival light, and as each day passes I’m more convinced of my need to parent them by calling out their giftings and helping to shape their struggles into opportunities for growth with help.

My friend, we cannot do this alone, but we have a Helper. He’s flawless at parenting and oh by the way everything else He does.

Invite Him In To


Invite Him In To


Invite Him In Those



He leads in truth and wisdom! As a mother who lost her junk on the way to church, I am thankful and I am not going back.

Stop, breathe, invite … and teach

little hearts to ask for help from the ultimate Helper!

Rachel Faulkner Brown