Our Sweet 16

I awoke and felt the Lord impress upon me, In this hour, I am highlighting my daughters! She’s entered into her “sweet 16”!

I was surprised by that, wondering what He meant as He often speaks to me through metaphors. As I looked into the significance of “sweet 16”, the words that jumped out at me were rite of passage, coming of age marked by increased responsibility and keys to the car.

In prophetic language, a car represents ministry or vocation. I believe the Lord is saying that we are in a season where many of His daughters will be celebrating the transition into INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY FOR RELEASING WHAT HEAVEN WANTS TO DO on earth and are being granted the keys to ministries/vocations.

These ministry and vocational opportunities will find women leading, i.e. driving and flourishing as they follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in this era. In my spirit, I saw that they were driving what appeared to be red race cars. These cars had American flags sticking out of the roof, much like you would see on a football game day, only it was on the top of the car where it was clearly visible!

Red represents the cleansing, healing, delivering blood of Jesus and the flag represents FREEDOM. I believe these ministries that are being launched will travel with great speed and skill, carrying the GOSPEL that cleanses, heals, and delivers FARTHER AND FASTER bringing freedom to many!

If you are feeling called to start something new or need encouragement, know that all of heaven stands ready to back you up! Your season of “coming of age” is at hand! As I speak with friends, I’ve never seen this much activity and forward momentum by the women of God for His Kingdom, seemingly all at once.

At Be Still , we are seeing women set free and set on fire for Jesus and are excited to see what Father will call His wonderful daughters to, as He beckons them to embrace their “sweet 16” with Him!

Ps 68:11 The Lord gives the word of power; the women who bear and publish the news are a great host.

Karen McAdams