Lindsay Snyder

After spending a decade of her life in self-destruction mode unintentionally looking for the love that would heal her deep self hatred, she bumped into Love Himself! You can email Lindsay at or take her NEW digital course on Letting Love In here.

Mollianne Elliott

Mollianne is available via phone or Skype for healing prayer with a focus on our identity! You can message or call her at 770-313-8177

Alpha Course

This incredible course begins on September 17th at Vintage Church in Santa Monica from 7-9pm. It runs for 7 weeks. You can get more information and register here.

PIHOP Church

PIHOP Church hosts healing prayer nights on Mondays from 6-7:30pm. Their address is 1403 N Lake Ave in Pasadena. You can see the schedule and more information here.


You can reach out to Ray Leight to schedule a Skype call at 530-229-7909

Gate to Freedom
Counseling Center

Please call 818-860-2840. Their services reach all over the greater LA area.


Expression 58

Evergreen Church

Vintage Church

Pasadena International House of Prayer

HRock CHurch

Mosaic Church

Hillsong LA

Church Home

Vineyard Anaheim