"Be Still is a ministry that the Body of Christ has needed for some time! Finally women have a save place to hear God’s great redeeming work in real, live, modern day, fellow seekers of truth. Stories of Jesus totally transforming women’s lives brings hope and healing to places in us all as we wonder, "Where is God in my circumstance?” Living rooms in metro Atlanta and beyond are being used of God to bring this healing and I couldn’t be more grateful! Finally women have a safe place to hear God’s great redeeming work with real, live, modern day, fellow seekers of truth.

- Beth Bennett, Director of Ministry Ventures

"Most days I am usually tired and broken down, but Be Still provides a place where I can come and just be right where I am. Something about the simplicity of being in a home surrounded by women who are also thirsty for more has a way of breaking down my typical church walls. At Be Still I feel safe and at ease. Hearing women’s stories of transformation and healing never gets old, and every time God uses someone else’s story to get my attention in an area of my heart where He wants to bring healing. In particular, God caught me by surprise one night earlier this year and used one lady’s testimony to unlock an area in my heart where I had been stuck in shame for about 5 years-it was miraculous and beautiful the work that He did. And being able to pray with a prayer minister at the end of the gathering is always a time that I never forget. Whether it is a word spoken over me or simply a prayer stirring my eyes to see by faith what Jesus is already doing in my life. I am grateful to be a part of Be Still!"

- Molley Moody, worship leader

"BE STILL has been the introduction to the “MORE” of who God is. It has lifted the veil/and my blinders to the power of prayer and authority in Jesus. I have learned through BE STILL that we ALL have direct and equal access to Jesus."

- Stacey Ewing

"Be Still is an ongoing open invitation to be witness to what is written in scripture, 'His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' You can feel His presence, hear His voice through testimony and because of that- never be the same! But, be warned: you will want more and more and more..."

- Mallory Staples

"Be Still was the first place I felt safe enough to trust God and fully open up to share my testimony riddled with shame. It was a hard testimony to let slip off my tongue. But once it did, my healing journey began to come alive and I discovered a freedom I never thought existed! What was once a pile of dirty ashes, God’s sovereign hand picked up and molded me into something undeniably beautiful. The safe, authentic body of women that come together to be a part of each other’s healing stories is unparalleled. The Holy Spirit shows up every single time and is palpable! Be Still Ministry is anointed for sure!"

~ Sarah McEntyre